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My hands, yarns and knitting is my place of solace. This ancient technique unlocks the endless possibilities one’s imagination can take them.

In my work I have always looked at my tradition’s past present and future. My first collection entitled Fela (2011) looked at the past- nigerian musician and activist Fela Kuti. I wanted the textile I created to bring his rhythmical aurora to life. That feeling of his stage presence filled with bold textures and colours. Enticing the viewer to be captured my lyrical genius behind the backdrop of Lagos heat.

I have used the discipline of fashion in my design as a visual platform for storytelling. My textiles are inspired by tradition, culture and spirituality from the African continent,as well as her nomadic ways. I begin on a spiritual nomadic journey,gathering expiring learning exchanging. Through this process I knit and create textiles whether it be a garment, sculpture or installation they all symbolise my vision. Storytelling.

The fact that we can connect emotionally through craftsmanship of woven/knitted textile, along with its patterns and colours is how my aesthetic voice communicates. What excites me is how the viewer forms an instinctive connection towards the textile. Almost Spirituality.
I hope to invite the viewer on a spiritual journey through the revelation of illustrative patterns and textures.

I will be exploring the spiritual side to my West African beliefs and customs. “Pattern Spirituality” address the spiritual connection between the human spirit and higher forces. Revelations experienced through textures. Unveiling velvet patterns of islamic astrology alongside woven rituals of tales of sky gods in Yoruba cosmogony. I hope to have a series of experimental textiles as well as illustrations to convey the journey.

Buki Akib (Bukola Agbabiaka) a southern of Lagos,Nigeria. She moved to England at the age of six. She started her career as an actress in T.V and Theatre after attending Italia Conti school of performing arts in London. During her career she still practiced painting and illustration.

She gave up acting and attended Central Saint Martins where she studied foundation in art and design the went onto complete her BA degrees in fashion with knitwear. It is there she discovered the art of knitting, it wasn’t love at first sight but an introduction to the beginnings of her artistic expression.

She discovered creating her own textiles through knitting and weaving using unconventional yarns( wire,cords,tassels) and referencing my ancestor’s culture as a way to communicate. She focuses on the power of colours, texture and patterns as a form of oral storytelling prevalent to my yoruba culture.

She sets up her art and menswear label as a ode to her heritage .



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