Ashley Williams

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While an Artist-in-Residence at ComPeung, I plan to work on a series of small paintings and a book project. The book will explore alternative and sometimes unexpected methods of human communication (historical and imagined) including visual imagery, sign language, whale song, and other, stranger methods of creating and maintaining human connection. Because this book focuses on grappling with and attempting to transcend verbal language, it is important for me to create this project in an environment where I do not speak the native language. Because I do not speak Thai, creating this project in Northern Thailand will add complexity and meaning to the work.

I am also interested in the landscape and biodiversity of Northern Thailand.  The paintings I create in ComPeung will be inspired by the surrounding landscape.

Sentient, 2015, oil on panel, United States

My paintings are influenced by the fragility of nature and the landscapes near my childhood home in Virginia and my current home in Colorado. I am interested in both physical and psychological landscapes…and the interplay between those two spheres. My current project involves research into alternative methods of communication between humans, animals, and landscapes.  I believe that through implementing new, creative methods of communication, we may begin to understand each other better.

Convergence, 2016, oil on panel, United States

Ashley Eliza Williams shows her work nationally and internationally. In 2016-2017 she will be attending artist residencies in The United States, Germany, Thailand, and China. She has taught painting and drawing at The University of Colorado and Colorado State University and she is represented by Goodwin Fine Art in Denver.