Daehyun Kim

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I’m interested in traditional fairy tales which preserved local culture and philosophy. The story is simple, but can be still important in our modern life.

During my stay at ComPeung, I would like to discover and study about old stories in Thailand, and interpret the story with my own understanding. For this, I would love to meet local old people who knows stories well, teachers who is teaching Thai language at school by being helped someone who can translate.

As the final outcome, I want to make a picture book and publish for the local people. The original drawings can also be exhibited in the local gallery. This picture book can be translated into Korean and published in Korea, too.

I always feel that I’m attached Buddhism. Last time I visited in Bangkok, I was so fascinated by Thai Buddhist paintings which is on the wall at the great temples.

I personally have studied Buddhism for a while, but now I want to learn deeper level. If I have chance to know someone who can guide me, I would love to study Thai Buddhism.

As a result, I want to make a picture book based on the Buddhist’s wisdom for someone who wants to meditate, for someone who are interested in Thai Buddhist painting.

보기 보기, 29.7 × 42 cm, Pigment liner and marker on a paper, 2009

I’ve been making a series of drawing, called “Moonassi” since 2008. Moonassi is my artst name, which means similar to the Buddhist term “Anatta”.

From the beginning, I wanted to draw something I really know and something I really can speak about. It was my inner feelings and my intimate relations that give me various emotions. My drawings are all about me and others. What I like to create is a drawing as an empty space between me and the viewer, so that people can talk and find their own story from my drawings.

I only use black colour because it’s simple and enough to depict. I used to draw on a small size of paper, but now I’m expending my imaginary stage into the space.