Isabella Hansson

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Observing, exploring and collecting found things are central parts of my art practise, I would explore the environment and nature and use the place as a source of inspiration for my art.

A central part of my art process is to observe, explore, document, collect and to work in symbiosis with the nature and environment around me. The process consists of long term photo documentation of feelings, experiences and fragments as well as an archiving of different physical materials and objects collected from nature. The main focus of my work is to capture and visualise something perishable and fragile; a glance of a moment or a changing process in time which I tend to experiment with in different scales and perspectives. An inspiration source is natural history and science, and this is apparent since I explore subjects such as time and space, repetition, processes and relations between nature and human conditions.

The outcome of the exploration varies widely and the medium is chosen by its suitability. My art is sometimes place specific, other times the material or a conceptual thought is central. I often combine personal subjects with existential questions, as well as putting my own position in the universe in relation to other species. In my video documented performance Jag vs Solen/Me vs the Sun I challenge my endurance in relation to the sun by doing headstands on a field as the sun sets. I want to continue to deal with these subjects through performances and videos of this kind, and further develop my art practise by affecting similar questions in variable mediums.


My name is Isabella Hansson, I am 21 years old and come from Skåne, Helsingborg which is located in south Sweden. I study my second year of preparatory art education of Fine Arts, right now at Ölands Folkhögskola at the swedish island Öland.