Ga-Young Kim

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One who continues to search for the point where feminism and dance meet and conjoin.

Can’t contemporary dance meet with contents such as sound and video media in a way that is more interesting and intriguing?

Could I connect and meet with other women through dance? Can’t we unite?

One who is highly interested in working with those who are a feminist or uses contact improvisation techniques.

여성주의 운동과 춤 사이에 접점을 끊임없이 찾는 사람.

소리나 영상매체등과 현대무용이 좀 더 재밌게 만날 수 없을까?

춤을 통해 다른 여성주의자들과 만나고 연결될 순 없을까? 연대할 순 없을까? 

즉흥기법을 사용하거나 페미니스트라고 자신을 정체화 하는 사람들과의 작업에 관심이 많다.


Ga-Young Kim is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from South Korea. Having interest in social and environment issues, she has been actively performing both in traditional theatres and outdoor performances.