Rie Takanokura

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There is ComPeung in Chiang Mai, Doi saket.
The Residence program is”free”.
Every day is to see to think to make works .

I stay at the house made from clay.
This house is a work of Mr Ong.
The house changes by our life, with the works the previous artists left there.
I felt the thing to be very interesting.
furthermore, I wanted to put a work here.
Contents of the works which I installed are time capsules.
I am from an island called Japan.
I felt a romance in leaving something in the continent and produced it.
In the time capsule, Chiang Mai and a Japanese story become available.

I produced in addition two works.

The first production a rice bowl made with Celadon.
The rice bowl is a Japanese symbol,and the Celadon is a Thailand symbol.
I photograph this symbol in Chiang Mai, Doisaket, Thailand, and Ibaraki, Japan.
Probably, for the Japanese to see my photograph might think that it is all Japanese scenery. But also Chiangmai people who see this might think that they are all Doisaket scenery to.
For example, the roads are wide, the large rice field, and the low buildings are similar.
I think most Asia people’s lives are similar.

The second production .
I was inspired from the decorations of the temples in Chiangmai.
“What do blue and the green tile express?”
“What does this design express?”
I read and removed the questions, I drew some pictures after that.

My work is research and production but thoughts are insufficient.
I want to make the better works, That’s why I want to go back to ComPeung again.









I think about the daily life that it is rich spirit, and is good luck of the person. When I was able to enjoy a casual thing, the heart of the person becomes rich. Therefore, the person feels daily life to be love it very much. I make such a matter for me a work. For example, it is a work called “one day” of my work, I imagined the scene of the next day of the birthday of Thai King Phumiphon and drew it. It might be a memorial service from me for King.

In addition, there is a thing called “the knit” with my work. When I knit, this is the image that I hit on. The image thought about the feeling of the sheep of woolen raw materials.
Feeling of a sheep:”The person mixes hair of person and me.They produce a sweater and mufflers from hair. Very strange…”

My work ranges to a casual thing by having become the news. I am happy if you can feel even slightly fun through my work.