Ruud Matthes

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ComPeung Printmaking Project

Normally, in my work, I am very precise, and often I have to think a long time before I can decide about the right composition for my prints. Early on in this project I understood that I had to let go of this attitude, otherwise it would have hindered the enthusiasm of the other participants, who all worked very spontaneously, even those who had little or no experience with the technique of woodcarving.

I am very happy with the result; it reflects the atmosphere during the barbecue in ComPeung on Christmas Eve, when most of the work was done. It also made me happy to hear, beforehand, from Kitikong Tilokwattanotai of Chiangmai Art on Paper that this collaborative project interested him and that he wanted to print an edition of the woodcut, which makes it possible for me to give each of the ten participants a copy.