Thomas Arendt

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The astronomer Carl Sagan said “We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” I try to grasp being a part of it, and it being a part of me. And I am drawn by curiosity to the beauty and the patterns of the natural world.


It’s a paradox, that in the same time that our species have learned so much about our place in time and space, we have generally also gotten more disconnected from our roots and our planet. In that context, I would like to investigate the relationship between us, the earth and the universe.




At ComPeung, I will try to remove myself from civilization. I will work on a series of paintings where I will combine my impressions of the natural surroundings with studies of distant star formations and nebulaes.




Thomas Arendt (1981) is a visual artist and graphic designer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently living in Thailand.


Thomas graduated from The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark in 2008. With a background in graffiti and street art, he now mostly works with paintings on canvas and murals.