Li-Tzu Hsu

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My works is to reveal the vague questions our concept of construction or demolition, as well as asking why some places are deemed more special or valuable than others in today’s society. These spaces I reconstructed offer an alternative reading of the urban landscape, encouraging viewers to take part in an unsanctioned kind of vision by visiting these indeterminate, transitional empty plots in any cities.

During the short intensive works stay, I will collect the found flyer or object, and take photo to document the place. By using charcoal and ink to reconstruct the things I collect into painting, and it will present as a document of Chiang Mai.

Li-Tzu Hsu was born in Taipei (1985). She received her BFA from Department of Visual Arts , Taipei Municipal University of Education in 2009, and MA in Fine Art from Chelsea college of Art and Design, UK. Her works were exhibited all over various venues in Taipei and London, as well as being featured in cover magazines in Taiwan. She lives and works in Taipei.