Xinran Du

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Xinran Du is an independent contemporary Chinese artist. Since 2012 she has been studying at Goldsmiths, University of London.
In the past three years in London, working in performance and video, Xinran has focused on feminist themes. Using live performance, she explores relations between the artist and the audience.

Live Performance in Goldsmiths, University of London

In her One-person Live Performance work, Xinran Du projected two videos at the different walls while she herself performed in the middle. The bright spotlight as part of the performance creates a generally equivocal atmosphere Xinran Du seems to instinctively want. Her work intends to make the audience think of art which deals with consciousness.

A singular, woozy, electronic portrait of the everyday feeling of what it is to be alive and thinking in this world. To get to the point of making visual meditations on consciousness using a borrowed projector, plinth and dodgy spotlight can be weirdly enough in art far more convincing than any amount of expensive, surround sound, and high-production used for entertainment.