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This artwork title is < space >. Mainly have two individual parts : first part included tree ,black ropes.

You can see that there are many black long ropes vertical from top tree to the ground. The every individual rope represent one space. its like there are many spaces overlapping together.

Like the parallel universe. The second parts included worn-out armchair and iron wires. The armchair in one space. my purose is to make one space more specific and special.

At first,I feel I really enjoy to stay at ComPeung ! But the time is so short . However we have been through a lot of happy moments together´╝îso actually for now I am really miss you guys and the dogs and cats .

And then I think that ComPeung is a good place to settle down and relax for thinking and creating. All people can clarify something in there which can be their own problems and also more important that Artists can get ideas from there. People can exchange their thoughts and learn from each other…This is really unique resident place and like home. And I must say that you two are so nice persons. Well, for me, I have improved a lot in many aspects in there , for example my English ,cooking, maybe and making friends. I appreciate that I can meet you two and other artists . Hopefully I can come back again in the future, because I really like it there. As well as my art. I believe that I have learned something useful. So Thank u so much… again and again …

Saihan, February 2016

Saihan Zhang

  • Born in Octobor17 ,1986
  • 2010 – Bachelor of art in inner Mongolia
  • 2013 – Attend an Multiplayer Exhibition in
    798 BEIJING
  • 2013 – During the graduate term I have an
    exhibition in Beijing 798
  • 2014 – Master of art in inner Mongolia Normal

Painting in oil, my work uses multiple ways to visualize some images and to transfer them to reality. In the past, I used the method of collage and imitation rock painting style.

I am exploring through a new perspective. My creative idea is that I think your world is just like an inception. There is an entrance that can lead you to a whole new space where the whole secret path is hiding away from you, All the rules are made up by you. In some parallel universes, you may not follow the rules at all. Your world will collapse in a flash if you calm down to reject these rules.

For now I want to express that we should not pay much attention to the present people and things. The higher pursue forever to the nothingness. You should care more about your instinct. It will help you in various ways. I also believe that nature is always the most natural flow of energy. I can always get inspirations from it. So I can explore my heart and at the same time break barriers to connect with my heart. I believe that in the art world everything is possible. So it urges me to think about the between of the artistic creation and the real world, as there is also a huge space to explore. I always try to find the entrance to collapse this dimension, thus to make a different works.