Ruud Matthes

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During my last visit to the primary school close to ComPeung I was asked by one of the teachers if I could help them with the teaching of English; my project is based on this request.

My idea is to create a game comparable to Monopoly, where the players throw dice which bring them from one situation to another. This game  will be life-size and it will consist of a number of situations where the children will have to interact with eachother communicating in English; to give it a name I will call it Anglopoly.
From bamboo and other materials available at ComPeung I will make simple constructions which will represent  a bar, a hotel, a prison and other places where the dice will direct the players. If  possible I will let the children help me with the creation of the props, for instance hey can make the banknotes and the hats.

My experience with workshops for children is that they are far more inventive and creative than you expect, and that they are often capable of making wonderful objects using only very simple materials. Therefore I would like to let them participate in the creation of the game as much as possible.