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Bamboo Pyramid

5 steps to mention the “Bamboo Pyramid”

1. Basic idea.
Recompose an artificial forest in the nature forest.

2. First point of view.
A simple question: what is most usual and what is most unusual thing here.

3. Development 01: Concept.
It seems that creation goes after the reason of necessity here. So I try to create something completely unnecessary. The concept of the work becomes a re-composition of the forest in the forest.

4. Development 02: Form.
The nature forest already has dynamic structure and super abstractness. To make a visual sensation here, I employed more artificial and more orderly form. But at the same time, I want to use very common material.

5. Development 03: Color.
I have visited Buddhism temple near the village. The temple was really spangling with sunshine. I have got inspiration from it.


Exhibition view at Minimal Gallery, Chiang Mai, 2008

According to Thai belief having your hair cut on a Wednesday means asking for trouble.

Yet Wednesday stands out, being the only day to be divided into morning and evening, each with their own Buddha image.

Wednesday morning Lord Buddha is standing with both hands holding an alms bowl. Wednesday evening Lord Buddha is receiving gifts of a honeycomb from a monkey and water from an elephant.

But why is it Wednesday?  What are people doing on Wednesday? From this simple question “Wednesday” became an art project.


“Please send me your Wednesday photo!”

I collected photographs taken on Wednesday.  During a six-week open call, 542 photographs were collected, from professional photographers to schoolchildren, minority local people and tourists.

These photographs that show people’s unique Wednesday activities were shown at the gallery in Chiang Mai.


This is my personal Wednesday photo from 2002, which is the time I have bought my first compact digital camera. I have picked all Wednesday photos from past 10 years, selected and developed 99 photos, which are relatively calm, tranquil, not claim something too much visually, in the aim of capturing the nature of my Wednesday. These 99 photos do not have any relation each other, except one regulation that they have taken on Wednesday.

By juxtaposing to former WEDNESDAY PROJECT photos, I would like to present this photo exhibition as the WEDNESDAY PROJECT 2011.


Pipe Cube

(Creation :2008.03.04 – 04.04 Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Nishinihon Shinbun (Japan), 2004

Jun’ichiro ISHII born in Fukuoka Japan 1975. He studied interior design and fine art at the beginning. He began his own artistic activities from 1997. In year 2000, abandons design and painting, he has moved into the site-specific art to pursue more contemporary possibility. In 2004 he was invited to have artist residency program in Seoul, South Korea. After two years artistic experience in Korea, since 2006, he is living in Paris. He had participated in exhibition in Japan, South Korea, Turkey and France. And his video work had been selected at over 10 different international video festivals such as 10th International Istanbul Biennale.

Jun’ichiro is extremely interested in observing cultural localities. To precisely grasp pure impression of the site, he doesn’t have formal methods. But adding a symbolic form to the peculiarity, he represents the cultural localities as site-specific artworks. For covering the temporariness of the site-specific art works, he also employs the video art. It is not only for archives but independently functioning as an artwork which features his site-specific project from another angle.[/wpcol_1half_end]