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My time at ComPeung was hugely rewarding and still a constant in my thoughts.

Meeting Ong and Maureen and getting to know them as well as Cheng who was also undertaking a residency at the same time was so fun and made my time there extra special.

The residency gave me some much needed time to gather my thoughts about where I am at in my art life, conduct research, experiment and have time to think about what to do next. My main focus was creating collage works on paper are linked to the idea of being more present, connection, and my own personal history. I hope to exhibit these as part of a larger body of work on paper in a solo exhibition in 2018.

My mornings were spent riding to Doi Saket past the lakes, taking photographs, visiting the market and climbing the steps to the temple. The freedom of no structure was perfect for me as I slowly formed my own routine and felt relaxed and energised. ComPeung enabled me to enjoy each day on its own and fun times making coffee, learning more about Thailand, hanging out with the animals, reading, motorbike rides, and making new friends.

As I live in the city it was a truly fantastic experience to stay in a mountain village and I really enjoyed the landscape and the friendly community in Doi Saket. Meeting other artists who had undertaken residencies at ComPeung previously was a chance to make new connections and share perspectives on different practices while being a testament to how special this residency was as people keep returning. A huge thank you Ong and Maureen for the great food and conversation, the road trips and sharing your world. I will be back 🙂

September – October at ComPeung

work created at ComPeung, 2017

At ComPeung I plan to begin to develop a body of new work which will encompass painting, drawing and collage for an exhibition in 2018 and also some smaller works that will be part of an artist book which will reflect my time in Chang Mai.

I am interested in learning about art, design, textiles and ceramics of the region by visiting artists, crafts people and studios to gain a better picture of the history of the area. I look forward to connecting with the landscape and exploring the surrounds of ComPeung which will bring new perspectives and possibilities for my work.

As this would be the my first time in Thailand and my first residency I think it would be a fantastic experience to engage with a new place and people. I believe the residency would be enriching and enable me to develop my practice as an artist.

Underground, 2016, Watercolour & collage, Melbourne

I am a visual artist/illustrator born in Melbourne Australia (1984) where I continue to work today. I completed a Bachelor of Illustration from Melbourne Polytechnic in 2012 and have since been working on freelance illustration, personal projects and have participated in group and solo exhibitions in Melbourne.

I like to use traditional techniques, experimental mark making and digital media to create layered imagery that is influenced by the power of colour, personal journeys, the natural world, printed matter, memories and old stories. Most recently my work has taken the form of painting and collage on paper.

Black Water, 2016, Watercolour & collage, Melbourne