Manual for Residents @ ComPeung

Before Arrival

Visa & Immigration

We always recommend to get a tourist visa which is valid for 2 months and can be extended for another 30 days. This visa is much less hassle to obtain than a non-immigrant visa. There is also the option of a 30 days visa on arrival. For more information about visas for Thailand, please visit The Thai Department of Foreign Affairs website:

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend you to have a travel insurance to cover theft, loss and medical problems. You may prefer a policy that pays doctors or hospitals directly rather than you having to pay on the spot and claim later. If you have to claim later, make sure you keep all documentation.


What you wear in Thailand matters a great deal and can make the difference between being treated well and being virtually ignored when you deal with anyone. When you’re out exploring the country, dressing appropriately will also make people around you feel more comfortable, which will make them more likely to connect to you. It would be smart to do a bit of research on what to wear before you pack your luggage.

In Doi Saket

The ComPeung site is about 2 km from Doi Saket market. It takes about 30 min to to walk or 10 min with the bicycle.

We will pick you up at Chiang Mai International Airport, bus or train station upon your arrival and transport you to the site for the first time. Please inform us about your arrival details in advance. We will also drop you off at the airport, train or bus station when you depart.

Local Bus

The yellow pick-up taxi (sawng-thaew) runs between Doi Saket market and Wararot market in Chiang Mai city and departs every 10-15 mins. It is the most economical way of travelling between Doi Saket and Chiang Mai. The first taxi leaves around 5am and the last one leaves from Doi Saket at 7pm. The last taxi from Chiang Mai leaves at 9pm.

Motorbike Taxi

Motorbike taxidrivers are easy to recognise. They wear a dark red short jacket with a number on their backs and can be found at Doi Saket market from around 7am – 6pm. They can bring you from Doisaket market to ComPeung. If you have any problems of getting to ComPeung, please contact us, but please keep in mind that the ComPeung Team doesn’t see itself as chauffeurs.

Vehicle Renting

Motorbikes and/or cars can be rented in Chiang Mai city. You will need a valid international driving licence to do so. Scooters for rent are also available in Doi Saket. Rate for scooter is 200B/day. We can help you arrange renting one in Doi Saket.


There are a number of banks in Doi Saket. The Bangkok Bank at the market offers ATM and currency exchange. Working hours are 8:00 am – 3:30 pm, Mondays – Fridays. Banks are closed on weekends and national holidays.

Post Office

Doi Saket Post Office opens weekdays from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm and 9am to noon on Saturdays. You can use our mailbox to receive your mail during your residency. Please contact us for the key. You can also use our postal address if you would like to send work material prior to your arrival.


There is a public hospital and a few private clinics in Doi Saket.


There are a number of pharmacies in Doi Saket that offer some useful medication if needed.


Restaurants in Doi Saket serve mostly local Thai food. A few places serve European food. There’s one Thai bakery. Most restaurants and street food carts are on the main road.


Doi Saket market opens very early in the morning (4-5 am) and closes around 7 pm. You can find fresh vegetables, fruit and local food there. There is a Saturday market at the motorbike parking, selling seafood and cheap clothes. Tuesdays there is a big market in Doi Saket starting in the late afternoon. The 7-11 and Tesco are next to each other on the main road and open 24 hours everyday.

Art Supplies

The hardware store at the traffic light sells some useful materials for sculpture and painting. Imported paints, canvas or more elaborate material and tools can be purchased in several big department stores in Chiang Mai city. We can assist you to find where to buy the supplies you need.

At ComPeung


Please help us save water as we are using water from an underground spring on our land. The tap water inside our houses is filtered. Outdoor taps are for cleaning tools and watering plants as it is not filtered. For drinking we use bottled water. Please return the empty bottles to the bottle trays.

Tools & Art Material

You can borrow and use tools we have, but we expect you to return them in good condition. Sometimes previous resident artists leave some art materials such as paint or plaster behind for coming artists to use. Please show your appreciation for such generosity by donating something back in return. If you need specific art materials, tools or equipment for realising your project, such expenses must be covered by you as they are not included in the residency fee.


Internet access at the ComPeung site is available through WIFI (100M/30 Mbps). There is a LAN cable you can use to hook it up with your computer in the kitchen when you  need to use fast internet. We ask our residents to be considerate when using it as huge downloads slow down the connection.


For computer & internet access you have to use your own laptop as there is no spare computer equipment available at ComPeung.


There are 3 bicycles at ComPeung. The bicycles are free for residents to use but we ask you to handle them with care and fix punctures or other mishaps when they occur. For car trips we do together, we highly appreciate if everyone shares the cost for petrol. So please be mindful and help us to keep ComPeung sustainable.


Mobile phone reception is available. You can purchase a pre-paid Thai Sim card for your mobile phone at local stores (no signal for True Move Network). For international phone calls, you can alternatively use the service at the post office. ComPeung does not have a land line.


We ask that you keep your accommodation clean and neat. We have a maid who can help you clean your house once a week. If you need assistance or something needs fixing, please let us know.


We expect visiting artists to cover the cost of repairs if they are responsible for any damage to ComPeung property (houses, cars, motorbikes, equipment) during their stay.


There are several places in Doi Saket that wash clothes. We are happy to recommend one and take you there for the first time. We also have a washing machine at ComPeung. Prior to using it, please ask.


Please help us keep ComPeung clean. Use the main rubbish bin at ComPeung.


We have two dogs (Lotion & Pepper), and two cats (Sky & Ocean). They are friendly, usually like to come and hang out with you if you let them. The dogs can sometimes take you to explore around the lakes and nearby.


Our small library is always in need of more books. We are grateful if you can bring catalogs or books of your work and/or books of general interest to help us fill the empty spaces in our bookshelf.

Upon Departure

Drop Off

On the day of your departure we will take you to Chiang Mai International Airport, the bus or train station, or in Chiang Mai City .


ComPeung gratefully accepts donations from alumni. We highly appreciate if you decide at the end of your residency to leave us an example of your work for our collection, which over time will become the ComPeung AiR permanent collection. Since ComPeung is a non-profit organisation, financial contributions also help us to continuously provide for future artists.


We ask that you credit ComPeung for any work that you have developed during your residency at ComPeung or as a result of your experience in Chiang Mai. We also request that you include our logo in all printed matter, film credits or electronic media. We will gladly provide you with the image of our logo via e-mail..


We do need your assistance in helping us to constantly improve our AiR program so please provide us with feedback. After your ComPeung residency we would very much appreciate your written feedback regarding your ComPeung residency. Approx. one month after your residency we will contact you by email for your comments, recommendations and constructive criticism.