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I want to bring my project “WHAT DIFFERENCE THE TIME MAKES” to Thailand. Asking questions such as what is the texture of the time to what the difference between people’s time. By doing the ritual art pieces which I will recreate by the material in there, the locals will be able to exchange and record “Time.”

Time is fair but time is unfair.
Time is fast but time is slow.
Some people take care of time
but in the end, does it matter?
Others are careless and wasting of time 
but in the end, does it matter?
What difference does time make?
and what difference it doesn’t make?
Although the difference time makes is present, 
the difference between people makes it important
So maybe, 
the question is not about time but people?

This work involves a ceremony which includes a participant and their time. 
Using the special design camera which takes 2 polaroid films at the same time.
In front of the participant is a set of installation for them to engage.
The participant is asked to concentrate for 5 minutes for the camera to capture the traces of time.
The participant is asked to complete the following, during this five minutes

Pinhole Camera, Walnut, Brass 105 x 85 x 70 mm

1.Picking up the shells from the plate.
2.Making each shell float on the water.( Doing this only using the given tools)
3.Repeating the movement until they are asked to stop.


In the end the person will have one of the polaroids and the artist will have the other.
The participant can use the polaroid as an evidence /souvenir/ gift of their time.
Artist will ask to have a signature on his polaroid as an evidence /souvenir/ gift from the participant.


Yi Peng Lee is an artist/maker born in Taiwan. He recently finished his MA degree in Jewelry and Metal at the Royal College of Art. Before going to London, he trained as a metalsmith at the FJU in Taipei. Lee’s way of thinking is politically, culturally and logistically influenced by his Taiwanese heritage.

Inspired by people’s belief systems, Lee is interested in exploring and materializing the abstract value, in different forms .These sometimes manifest themselves in Installations and other times as performance. He uses a group of techniques that range from metalwork, to photography . And by doing so, he combines the abstract with the real life phenomena.

His recent work, deals with the idea of ‘’Time’’ and our relationship to it as human beings. By becoming an outsider to his installation, he gives freedom and control to the participants to determine their own fate, in relation to their time. The aim of the project is to capture and document a period of the participants time to show that there’s authenticity in each experience.

Finally, Lee uses his work as a tool to question and challenge his own belief systems, and to show that we create our own belief mechanisms, regardless of dogma and tradition. In this way he likes to use existentially and globally relevant themes such as TIME in order to translate his ideas through his personal aesthetics of arts and crafts.