Mona Oren, Ellis Hutch, and Helen Michaelsen

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v.o.i.d project #2 (2011)

January 2011… one year later… still challenged by the essence of the outside ‘what does it mean to act, to act out or to perform a series of actions with actions being deliberate and of individual significance, relevance, and urgency’?

Hence v.o.i.d #02 continues to explore this essence at Mae Kuang Dam (เขื่อนแม่กวง), this time focusing on the fluid element of the water with 3 individual approaches.



Breathe by Ellis Hutch, a floating net on the water surface… becoming one with the rhythm of the water… protruding and receding. Like a trap the net becomes heavier and gradually starts to sink, with the vital signs of breathing subside swallowed by the density of the water.


ดอกรัก/love flower

ดอกรัก/love flower by Mona Oren starts at the roundhouse, 10.000 flowers are being needled to become a web of fragile existence. It is there where for the first time  the love flower web evokes the illusion of existence, “reflecting”  the circular roof structure of the roundhouse, imaginary and real. Transformation… the existence of the love flower web altered forever once released into the water of the dam, choosing to become this strong physical form of white light and noise. Refusing to be subdued by the power of the water, the love flowers discover their strength in dense unity and free floating form. Using the water as a mirrored stage, they totally immerse with their own reflection, traversing between reality and illusion.



กลับบ้าน/homecoming by Helen Michaelsen is Shiva’s return journey home, her final journey. A tribute to the epitome of free spirit… ชีวิตชีวา, the metaphor of life and energy. White soft hair is felt, touched and caressed. A gentle intimate gesture, repeated again and again, prolonging the inevitable. The touch activates memories of softness, of smell inscribed forever in my senses and into the skin of my palms, my hands, my fingertips. Her hair parts from my hands, releasing it to the air from where it continues its journey to the water. Floating past for a final salute, letting go by setting free… her hair regroups in bundles, weightlessly traveling the surface like clouds sailing the sky. Departing.. once more displaying her silent power through fragile reflections in the water until slowly drifting away into the open space of the dam… becoming one with the fluid flow of the water.

* Text by Helen Michaelsen, February 2011
* Photos by the v.o.i.d team

v.o.i.d project #01 (2010)