Jeremiah Brown & Taetyn Panagos

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During their ten-week residency, Jeremiah Brown (screenwriter) and Taetyn Panagos (conceptual artist) will work to outline, write, storyboard, animate, and edit a 5-10 minute short film exploring transcultural phenomena through the lens of their personal experiences in Southeast Asia.

Their film is to be heavily influenced by the varying complexities of the fundamental human experience — concepts that transcend culture and bias, such as love, death, joy, and suffering.

Jeremiah Brown is a screenwriter from Ashland, Oregon — the unofficial Shakespeare capital of the United States. His work explores emotional complexity and depth of character through abstract writing techniques and cathartic storytelling. He expresses these qualities through an inspired amalgamation of genres, combining horror and sci-fi with “slice of life” character pieces. The fundamental purpose of his writing is to create stories that work as dynamic touchstones for multi-layered conversation on underlying social issues.

Taetyn Panagos is a conceptual artist working primarily in photorealistic painting and animation. Her art explores the intersection of science and spirituality through focused investigation into the metaphysical internal spaces induced by deep states of meditation. She explores this phenomena through interactive multidisciplinary performances, paintings, animations and computer-generated imagery based upon her experiences with sensory deprivation and lucid dreaming.

For the past three months, as a student of the U.S. based Naropa University, she has been in India working on a project that combines free associative visual processing with the presence of fractal structures in ancient Hindu architecture.