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Alphabet Soup

I want to make at least 100 new collages on duralar film in the studio, cutting out my images from a combination of National Geographic magazines and local magazines found at convenience stores and bookstores (or wherever I can find them). When not in the studio, I will be taking day trips out into the surrounding neighborhoods to take pictures and gather images to recreate those found-image duralar collages with my own photography. I want to be able to draw comparisons between what the found image can offer to the artist and what the artist can manifest themselves, independently. The second
set of collages comprised of my own photography would ideally be recreations of the original set made in the studio, but understandably they may also take their own forms.

My first independent experience traveling was in Japan, which informed the before un-informed love I have for Asia. I am yearning for an experience in an Asian country that is very different from what I have experienced thus far, and I feel Thailand would expose me to new and beautiful ways of thinking, seeing, connecting, understanding, and creating.

I graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, with a B.A. in visual arts,
creative writing, and two minor focuses in psychoanalysis and early childhood
development and education.

For my undergraduate degree, I created work for, curated, and installed my
own gallery exhibition of work ranging in artistic mediums and content.
I have worked as an assistant teacher at an art center in my home city for the
past two years and have a deep love for working with children, especially in
creative fields.

Inevitable Release

A Collaborative Exhibition

Finlay Markham (from USA)
Mahasamoot Aukkaladechosub (Thailand)
At Maispace
Opening Reception 22/9/2018 at 7:00pm
Running Until 8/10/2018
With Support from;
-Drop Tempo
-Dj Songkran
-Selector +


“I know in every moment now, that I breathe, I move, I am able to heal and grow, constantly. I am open to everything there is to learn, because I know now I AM NOW. I am surer of myself because of this accident, and the reminder it gave me that I am in control of my body and my life, my breath and my continuation. I value life now, more than ever, because I understand how thin the line is between life and death, and that the continuation of the cycle is inevitable.”
-Mahasamoot Aukkaladechosub

“This exhibition was born from the union of two strangers who come from different cultures, languages, and countries, with no logical reason for having connected.
I think there is a strong correlation between an individual’s capacity for empathy towards all people, and their level of preparedness for death. If you strive in life to love all people more than yourself, for the sake of Collective compassion, I think this is a type of preparation for death that allows you ease in crossing from the river’s shore into the next realm; if you are spiritually and empathetically sound, then your mind is open to change and transition, you are free from the binds of hate and fear, you have achieved:
and you join the inevitable infinite.”
-Finlay Markham