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A Residency at ComPeung will offer Ellen and Sue a unique opportunity to concentrate on the development of new ideas and work outside of their regular studio environments. Their aim during their stay would be to investigate the traditional craft culture and techniques of Thailand and use their findings to inform and potentially incorporate into their current art practices. They both feel that the cultural immersion that a residency provides will broaden and enhance their future work.

The Welcome Mat Project, 2017,Goodwood Road, Goodwood, South Australia.

Ellen and Sue believe that an environment and landscape so different from their own will help them to engage in new ways of “seeing” with the potential to have long term impacts on the work they create.

Ellen is particularly interested in studying local flora and drawing on this imagery in her hand-cut paperworks. In keeping with her usual practice of using recycled materials, Sue also plans to collect found objects and transform them into wearable to create a narrative of place.

Both artists are keen to create collaborative work across disciplines, that draw on ideas and techniques discovered during their stay in Thailand.

Inner Bloom

Ellen Schlobohm is a paper artist who has been exhibiting in galleries and art spaces since 2010. Over time her papercuts have become incredibly intricate and she has expereimented with technique, scale, printmaking, installation and photography. In 2017 Schlobohm undertook her first public art project, the Welcome Mat project, as part of The City of Unley’s Goodwood Road upgrqade. In 2018 she completed another public art piece, The Beehives of Goodwood, as part of the City of Unley’s Arts in Your Space program. For the past three years, Schlobohm has been teaching paper art workshops, delighting in demonstrating a variety of ways to transform this material. She has also developed her curatorial skills through her employment with Tutti Arts, a multidisciplinary arts organisation supporting artists with disabilities.


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