Chihiro Ogawa

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During the two month period of stay, I want to learn and experience the people and the culture of Thailand, a country that’s vastly different than Japan yet distinctively similar in few ways. I want to focus and base my work around drawings on paper and cloth.

I want to mainly use materials from Thailand and draw what I saw, experienced, and learned.

I want to combine both my knowledge of Japan, with the new experience of being in Thailand to pursue my understanding and expressing humanity through my art.

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There is an idea by philosopher named Mencius; human nature is fundamentally good.

In our daily lives, as we grow older we face many complex thoughts and emotions. We are also needed to be present in many complex human relationships.

Human emotions such as ugliness, emptiness, sorrow, joy, and the way of thinking are all influenced by small communities (like families and friendships) we are surrounded by, all the way to a whole country, culture, and religion.

A child can view their world in a flat and even point of view with no bias. Just like how I child can, I want to view my current knowledge along side with the vastly new encounters and experiences I faced during my stay in an unknown environment in a flat and even point of view. And by adding a bit of playfulness to my new perspective, I want to draw and express my view of humanity.

Japan is yet the only environment out of many other that I know and understand. I am yet a child who only knows so little.

2007. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts And Music, M.A. in fine art, Oil Painting Technique and Material 
2016. Isetan Urawa store Personal exhibition
2017.~ My workshop “SHIKAKU workshop” and 2018.~ My workshop “SHIKAKU workshop Meguro”(Arts and crafts for kids )