Trygve Luktvasslimo

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The plan for my residency at ComPeung was quite basic: New setting, same occupation – a declared time-out from the habitual. My temporary outdoor office had chickens and the occasional snake, the house was transformed into a photo studio and film set.

Developing ideas trickle through various layers, I have to date (almost 3 months after my residency) a series of photos ready for the wall and a video editing timeline overcrowded with footage from the Doi Saket area. My curatorial debut, the group exhibition Odor Water Limo, opens soon partly thanks to the distance and closeness I got to the project during my residency.

My practice draws inspiration from many sources and places. Apart from the “wind in my heart and the thoughts in my hair”, the short but effective residency at ComPeung offered me a productional boost, some highly appreciated new persepctives on my work and on art in general, and a critical jerk away from my ordinary.