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Photo by P. Siraphisut

My work is principally concerned with the representation of people and the places in which they dwell. I am also interested in the city as a kind of dramatic stage where emotions are played out. I compose abstract and reinvented images within which people engage with the lives they live or draws directly from reality: actors, performers and dancers move in spaces reinterpreting characters in a film or in a book, in this way, cities are transformed into vast theatres in whose nooks and niches are wedged microstories, actions and relations. Photography, video, collage and performances are my most used media.

Warrior Day

This_Placment it’s a photographic project born after a period of time in Incheon in South Korea, 2012, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Yerevan, Armenia, 2013. The premise of This_Placment is to interpret people, not to represent them. This_Placment starts from the idea of interpreting and not rappresenting the people. I wanted to play a role both phisically and mentally in an environment that was conpletely foreging to my culture and my dimensions, my desire was to become for a while those persons in their home, with their belongings and their history. I wanted that my presence was not in just a portrait of myself in detached background, but that all the meanings of that place could catalyzed themselveses around me by implementing an inevitable shift of meaning. The initial inspiration was the desire to become a leading character in a story that resembles itself universally. It was my desire to actually become the people whose houses I visited, to become one with their histories, physical surroundings and objects. I didn’t want my presence to be a mere snapshot of myself in a different context; I wanted to act as a catalyst for all these different places, triggering a shift in meaning . Hence the play on words: displacement and this place merge, thus becoming THIS_PLACEMENT.

Midnight Candy and This_Placement are supported by NTCM e l’Arte (Milano, Italy)

Empty and Shadow, I was selected as finalist of “LIVEWORKS”, the Italian prize dedicated to the performing arts. During the residency I will train Muai Thai in a Boxing Camp in Chiang Mai. My trainings will be in live streaming for 10 days from 11-20 June at the Centrale di Fies in Trento in Italy.

Empty and Shadow, is supported by Centrale di Fies, Trento (Italy)

you can see the process of the photo project here:
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