Mona Oren

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Mona Oren, imprint #04, 130 cm in diameter, latex, 2013

During my month long residency @ ComPeung, I investigated the hidden qualities of imprints. Derived from a natural source, I processed the imprint through various transformations into a skin-like texture. The texture together with its shape create an ambiguous notion of a living being. Evoking the presence of a fossilized organism, it intrigues, invites, and yet hides its essence.

Born in Israel, Mona Oren lives and works in Paris. She studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris and works on artistic projects for the major Maisons in Paris such as Hermes, Chaumet, Dior. As a multimedia artist Mona Oren has exhibited her photography, video, sculptures and installations internationally in solo and group exhibitions. Her work, especially her wax sculptures, has been published widely in various publications, the major ones being Bloom, AD, Le Monde d’Hermes. She is represented in private and public collections in Europe, Israel, Asia and Australia.