Kimberly Miller

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While in residence at ComPeung, the work created here comes out of an exploration of ideas around community, language and action. A community shares a language, action is required to nurture community, and language allows for community-shared experience. The videos, performance and text that emerged address the gaps and overlaps in a shared experience. Where is the individual located in the relationship between community, language and action? How does one negotiate the dynamic between the one and the many? What is the space between the individual and the group?

The work created at ComPeung represents the results of a creative laboratory.  ComPeung gave me the gift of community, language and action. ComPeung challenged me to change some of my thinking patterns, and to be brave enough to let go.


Born in the USA, Kim Miller is a multi-disciplinary artist working in video, performance and movement.


Supported by
The greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Mary L. Nohl Fund Suitcase Export Fund for Individual Artists. (Final Evaluation 2010 – 2011)