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ink agop
New Video Work 2015, filmed in Doi Saket, Courtesy of the artist 

I created new video work at the forest, waterfall, jungle, mountain. Collaborated with some artists based in Thailand.

I went to Deep jungle near Doi Saket where is the north of Thailand. Recorded the video with Drone in the jungle.

It was quite hard to find the place for recording because I was naked and painted my body. It is taboo to be naked in public in Thailand.

I visited some place in the jungle with the motorbike.

I’m editing this video and show it at my exhibition.

Core, video installation at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Germany, 2011

ink Agop is a Berlin-based artist, originally from Japan who focuses on digital media. The artist’s knowledge in edition and video production worked collaborate with several musicians, choreographers and dancing artist in cities like Berlin, Szczecin/Poland, Münster/DE.

In installation series, ink combines the creation of objects for video projection as well as further producing images that will be projected on those surfaces. She uses local organic materials to create a mixed media installation. Moreover the interaction of the projection with the environment is also documented.

Most recently, the artist work has been shown in Theater Haus Mitte- Berlin, OHM Gallery.