Allegra Mee

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During my residency at ComPeung I will be creating a series of textile designs, which I will ultimately use to create wall tapestries.

I have always been fascinated by the natural world and the work I produce during this residency program will focus on this subject matter. I am sure that the tranquil and leafy grounds of ComPeung will provide me with ample inspiration for my textile designs.

My background is in fine arts, illustration and design. I hope while at ComPeung, to expand my knowledge and skills in these areas by my immersion in Lanna customs, art and culture. This program will be an opportunity for me to explore numerous creative outputs, such as textile design and pattern making.

To construct this body of work I will be combining the idiosyncrasies of handcrafted art with the precision of digital media.

Through my participation in this program I am looking forward to growing as an artist and diversifying my creative practice.

Allegra Mee is a multidisciplinary artist currently living in Canberra, Australia. Her background is in fine arts and illustration. She produces her art by blending traditional techniques with digital media.
Her work focuses on the natural world and reinterpreting this subject matter.